The Uses of Lamination in Print Production for Consumer Packaging


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Giancarlo Caimmi


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In our everyday life we are exposed, as consumers, continuously to laminated structures. It is about packaging in general, flexible packaging in particular and of course food packaging. Lamination for flexible substrates is about layering 2 or more webs, stabilizing the compound by means of an adhesive, in order to comply with a specific, end-use oriented, design.

Lamination has a specific social mission. Make package lighter and more consumer friendly. By formulating multiple webs compounds it is in fact possible to generate structures combining and perfecting the characteristics of alternative technologies such as rigid packaging.  Once that is accomplished we have achieved a packaging that is not just lighter: it requires less energy to be produced, generates less pollution at production, has a better product to package ratio, accounts for less volume into landfill, it is more economical to transport, protects the product better, extends the shelf life, and more.

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