Increasing White Ink Opacity with Reduced Ink Volume Six Advanced Micro...


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Andreas Albat, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Dr. John Anderson


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Optimized flexo plate surface patterning offers tremendous benefits for brand owners, trade shops and printers. The opportunities for printers to reduce ink spends by leveraging advanced technology to mitigate the need for double hits on whites and spot colors, to produce cleaner printing, and increase press speeds.  In addition, new technologies improve pack cleanliness and color vibrancy; free decks for value-add or promotional content and; improve readability. 

Plate surface patterning has been gaining acceptance over the last few years. In 2010, Kodak's Digicap NX Patterning, a proprietary application of a micro surface texturization pattern to improve ink transfer efficiency, was recognized with an InterTech technology award that set a new standard for ink transfer in the industry, particularly for process printing. Since 2010 more technologies have come to market from a range of suppliers offering various digital patterning solutions and textured digital plates. Some offer a fixed surface built into the raw plate material and others rely on pattern selection, sometimes from hundreds of options.

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