Achieving the Newest Generation of Flexo Plate Capabilities and Its Implementati


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Dr. John Anderson


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Flexographic printing is a crucial component of sales and marketing for some of the world's most recognizable brands and popular products. In 2008, Kodak entered the digital flexographic plate market, bringing dramatic improvements through the introduction of advanced technologies that quickly closed the gap between flexography and rotogravure. This paper details how Kodak's core technologies have helped to transform flexographic printing from its position as a 'lower-quality' print process to being one of the most sought-after solutions for brands that demand the highest quality and consistency. Packaging print service providers have also benefited from a plate technology that drives print production cost saving and press room efficiencies. In addition, this paper highlights Kodak's most current technological features, presented originally in 2015 at the TAGA conference, which have been demonstrated to offer printers additional opportunities for cost saving and quality improvements, and shed light on the need for comprehensive solution implementation and press optimization to take full advantage of the advanced technology.

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