Technologies to Increase Productivity on Sheetfed Offset Presses


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Clarence Penge


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Major technologies enhancements in the sheetfed press typically come in waves every 4 years, which is tied to the Drupa trade show held in Dusseldorf Germany. This paper will discuss how technology has evolved over the last several Drupa trade shows and the direct impact on make ready times, running speeds and net output. We will examine the productivity in 4 sections. Section 1 will show how integration of the press can improve net output. Section 2 discusses press technology in combination with color management and the effect on reducing waste and make-ready times. Section 3 will explore the impact of improved uptime through remote service technology. Section 4 will show the conclusion based on the results of a printer ESP out of the UK who is arguable the most productive printer in the world and review his recent production figures and how they have transpired by continuing to upgrade technology. This of course has a huge bottom line impact which you can judge by yourself.

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