Analysis of Spectral Response Variation among Multiple Color Measuring Devices (Spectrophotometry) in a Color Managed Workflow (CMW)


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Nana Poku, H. Naik Dharavath, and Uttam Kokil


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Color Management Workflow (CMW) uses a set of hardware tools and software applications working together to create accurate color between various input, display, and output devices. The purpose of this study was to determine the colorimetric deviation of multiple types of spectrophotometers. A total of five types of instruments were used in the experiment. Modern printing technology has evolved from the craft oriented field toward a color management science demanding greater color reproduction and control among the devices used in the print and imaging industry. This is of importance to the graphic communication educator as the tools used to control those interface are increasingly software applications and instruments that invite the knowledgeable student to manipulate (or use) the default settings to achieve superior color results. In seeking to empower our students to better understand the color deviation, this work examined the use and operation of multiple spectrophotometers in a laboratory environment, similar to, upon entering into the workplace, a student would encounter. Hence for a student to consistently deliver a quality print, managing and controlling color from the input device to a multicolor output device is a major concern for the graphic arts educator. Color can be viewed as a science where the optical aspects of color are quantitatively analyzable and measurable with the use of multiple types of color measuring devices, such as: Colorimeters, Densitometers, and Spectrophotometers. However, this study examined only the use of spectrophotometers. Applying these devices with our students will heighten their recognition as to the importance of proper color workflow.

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