A Model for the Cost Analysis of Offset and Digital Printing Processes


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Mark Bohan, Hal Stratton, and Anthony Stanton


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Developments in new products over the recent years have resulted in a significant increase in the debate over the cost cross over between offset and digitally produced printed pieces. There are many assumptions that need to be made in the calculation of the cross over and many of the numbers used are heavily influenced by the companies that provide them.When looking at this analysis, it is important to provide the best and most accurate data possible for both offset and digital production.

This paper investigates in detail the different factors that will affect the price structure for both digital and offset printed material. This will combine factors that include the individual cost of each print based on material and consumable use and will also factor in the total cost of ownership of the individual print engines to allow an accurate cost comparison. An electronic calculator will be provided based on the factors outlined.

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