A New Component for Packaging


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Björn Kruse


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While some areas of the Graphic Arts are stagnating the packaging area is increasing in volume. In the accelerating web commerce more and more goods are shipped directly to the customers in packages. In packaging the ubiquitous box made from corrugated paper is dominating. The corrugated paper is simple to manufacture and cheap in comparison to many other materials. As it is made from paper it can be recycled and what is more important: it is made from renewable materials. It is also lightweight and in conclusion it has advantages over many other materials used for packaging. In this paper we will show alternative structures to corrugation that may lead to a packaging material with

  • Uniform strength regardless of orientation
  • Improved strength/weight ratio
  • Lighter design, lower transportation costs
  • Better print quality on liner (no wash boarding)
  • The surface structure can also be used as a design feature

 The research and development in this traditional area is quite active and many patents continue to be filed.

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