Annualized Workflow Optimization ROI Strategies Utilizing JDF Technology


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Brandon Iskey, Jim Harvey, and Mark Bohan


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With the evolution and introduction of automation including JDF technology, printers must find a way to utilize this technology in some capacity to continue their success and profitability. One of the biggest challenges printers face today is being able to reduce production time while maintaining and increasing profitability. While in some scenarios acquisition or expansion can be the solution, some printers benefit from using JDF enabled technology and integrations. In many cases it is not easy to calculate numerically the Return on Investment (ROI) of this technology and to quantify how this integration will help the business succeed with existing hardware and software combinations. Calculating the ROI on such software while complex has been completed on case studies with automated facilities, which have been entered into the CIPPI awards [1]. Not only can workflow integration be successful and attainable, but also it can at a relatively low cost to hardware acquisitions.

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