Investigation on the Application of the Tristimulus Linear Correction and Colorimetric Density for Process Color Calibration


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Dimitri Ploumidis


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The printing industry is in the process of refining its approach to press calibration towards colorimetric aims with the goal to provide a harmonized means to achieve and assess print conformance to a given standard. The latest,  critical development is the focus on substrate corrected colorimetric aims (SCCA), allowing printers that use non-standard substrates to achieve such conformance.

The assessment of conformance, for the purposes of this paper, was based on the neutrality of the overprinted process colors (CMY triplet), as determined by the tristimulus linear correction method (ISO 13655). Then, the aims were converted from the CIEXYZ color space to colorimetric density, which was used to calibrate the response of the printer to these aims.

Through this experiment, conducted on a UV sheetfed offset press and printed on SBS substrate, it was shown that conforming neutrality for the CMY triplet can be achieved by means of the tristimulus linear correction and the colorimetric density conversion. Finally, the application of the tristimulus linear correction is discussed for solid process colors and their solid overprints.

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