Does Print Complement Mobile Computing?


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David Uyttendaele, Charles Gehman


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Mobile device adoption is growing at a pace that is considerably faster than desktop computers, and the category of smartphone is growing at the fastest pace. The Tablet device category is also growing dramatically. These devices alternately replace the need for print, yet may create demand for it. Software has been built to support print from these devices, for applications ranging from production of business documents to ordering of photo products. In addition, complementary technologies like QR codes have been "hyped" and can be seen on marketing materials like posters and in printed publications. Augmented Reality is another technology area that some have employed in conjunction with printing applications. Photo applications are a clear area where smartphones have achieved market acceptance, virtually obsoleting stand alone "point and shoot" cameras, and the market for digital photo printing is growing. Finally, mobile support for commercial printing applications is emerging, and likely will play an important role.

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