Specification Establishment of UVWide-Format Inkjet Print Attributes and Industry Survey


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Dr. Yung-Cheng Hsieh, Ms. Ssu-Yi Cheng


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UV wide-format inkjet printing combined characteristics of digital printing which provided clients with diverse printing products on demand and UV printing which could be used in various substrates, and it was more eco-friendly than other printing inks. In addition, the wide-format printing could be used on building material and home decorations. Due to its wide range of applications, UV wide-format inkjet printing possessed great marketing value in the future. The objectives of the project are as follows: 1.Establishing general quality attributes for UV wide-format inkjet printing in Taiwan, and 2. Determine the market potential for UV Wide format inkjet printing in Taiwan among the printing industry and their procurement intentions. This research is conducted in two phases, with the first stage involving a quantitative experimental study, by printing samples, with three kinds of printing substrates (glass, acrylic and melamine plywood) using five brands' UV wide format inkjet printer, to establish a quantitative measurement techniques and attributes for better quality of printing. The second stage relies on research methods, we would invite experts of printing industry and scholarship, and interview them concerning reasons for different aspects of UV wide-format inkjet printing. The content of the interview would be closely examined in order to clarify the ideas generated by them. From the result of the experiment, the data of how UV wide-format inkjet printers from five different brands adapted to three different printing materials could be obtained. The qualities of various materials could also be observed, and thus a proper specification of UV printers could be established. Moreover, through expert surveys, the study could also provide investors with the  future trend of UV wide-format printing in both Taiwan and international market, which could help them examine whether the firm meets their requirement.

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