A New Approach to Estimate the 3D Surface of Paper


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Yuan Yuan Qu, Daniel Nyström, and Björn Kruse


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This paper describes a method for 3D surface estimation based on reflection measurements in different orientations of the light source and the paper. To facilitate the estimation, surface facets that probably support specular reflection were marked and isolated, so as to enable the application of simple Lambertian reflectance model over those non-specular reflection points. A computer controlled imaging device was used to capture images in a large number of orientations. The image capture was performed choosing several different exposures in order to present larger dynamic radiance range. Images together with their counterpoints under antithetical illuminations were used to deal with the possible situation that light failed to arrival on some points locate behind bulges. Iteration using difference approximation as well as enforcing integrability algorithm were used to calculate the surface height based on Shaping from Shading algorithm.

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