Paper Topography and Its Influence on Print Quality


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Martin Habekost, Oleg Nesterenko, Roy Rosenberger


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The topography or details of the paper surface have a great influence on the final printed result. This research paper evaluated the influence of the paper topography on the quality of the printed dot reproduction and therefore the overall print quality. The paper topography was measured using the Verity IA Image Analysis software, which uses a modified flatbed scanner to acquire an image of the paper surface. This analysis provided information on the roughness of the papers. The roughnesses of the tested sheets were studied by taking microscopic images of paper at approximately 60x magnification and analyzed using also ImageJ software. The results from software applications were compared and a correlation between the results from both applications found. In the second part of the study test coated and uncoated papers from both ends of the roughness scale were chosen for printing of a specially designed test form. The test form was printed on a Xerox Docucolor 7000 and also on a Heidelberg Printmaster 74 offset press. Both printing systems have different requirements in regard to paper quality. The VerityIA software was used to evaluate the quality of the printed dot structure (shape, circularity and diameter of the dot) and how the paper directly influences it. The printed results from both printing technologies were compared in order to correlate the influence paper roughness has on the quality of dot reproduction.

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