Electroluminescent Circuit Printing


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John Jay Jacobs, Joanna Church, and Jen Olberding


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Electroluminescent printing is an up and coming printing technology which is not clearly understood or extensively documented. The study was conducted to determine a dependable method for printing an electroluminescent circuit. The 16 week study utilized both UV and conventional solvent based printing inks to determine printability and suitability. Ink thicknesses were varied to determine the effect upon the circuit. Three press tests were conducted with each test building upon the techniques learned from the prior test. The thickness of the ink deposit is crucial for achieving the desired electrical conductivity, illumination, and insulation properties for each circuit layer. Sufficient cure is essential to achieve the necessary conductivity and insulation for each layer of the circuit. An adequate power supply and inverter are essential for a consistent, bright glow from the completed circuit. The final print run produced dependable, bright, consistent electroluminescence. Future tests need to be done utilizing a illuminometer to accurately determine the amount of light produced by the circuit.

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