Method for Calibration of a Printing System With Digital Data Using Near-Neutral Scales


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David Q. McDowell


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At its fall 2006 meeting, ISO TC130 (Graphic technology) agreed to create a Technical Specification with the title "Graphic technology Method for calibration of a printing system with digital data". This specification, ISO 10128, will include the description of three methods which are generally identified as 1) using tone value increase, 2) using near-neutral scales, and 3) using ICC (device link) profiles. The initial work that prompted this TC130 activity was work being done in the United States by the IDEAlliance Print Properties Committee as they were developing the GRACoL and SWOP printing specifications. Their activities have focused on the use of near-neutral scales to develop four individual one-dimensional correction curves that are used to modify content data (often called plate correction curves) during digital plate-making. Based on this work, the US has agreed to provide the input to the portion of the proposed ISO Technical Specification dealing with the use of near-neutral curves. This paper describes the techniques being proposed by the US for inclusion in ISO 10128.

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