Implementation of Computer Integrated Print Manufacturing (CIPM) in the Graphics Technology Curriculum (GTC)


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Nana Poku, H. Naik Dharavath, and Nilesh N. Joshi


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This paper discusses the impact of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) principles on the U.S. printing industry and a demonstration of its applications in the Graphics Technology course curriculum in U.S. schools. Implementation of CIM-based print production technologies in Graphics Technology curriculum is important in order to prepare future graduates of these programs for jobs in a constantly evolving printing industry. The paper covers technologies such as network digital infrastructure and JDF enabled workflow and their inclusion in Graphics Technology educational laboratories. A case study is provided on the ongoing implementation of JDF, DAM, PPF, CAD, MIS, CMW, and CTP technologies in the Graphics Technology laboratory at the Central Connecticut State University. The goal is to provide a comprehensive discussion on the inclusion of various CIPM (Computer Integrated Print Manufacturing) lab modules in the Graphics Technology curriculum, related digital printing devices, and an example JDF enabled workflow. The paper will be of interest to educators in Graphics Technology programs who are planning to introduce CIPM in their laboratories.

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