A Press Test for Paper Stability. Marvin C. Rogers,


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Otto C. Stoessel


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The requirements for chart papers with respect to dimensional accuracy and print. ability cannot always be evaluated from mill tests required by specifications. Register, image resolution, ink receptivity, and printed opacity are reported here for a press test arranged for printing two lots of paper from a single pile, by interleaving the sheets in lifts of 25 sheets each, followed by three passes through a 4-color offset press. The printing pattern included an over-all line grid, LTF Star Target, and ink swatches for density and printed opacity of the paper. The test results showed only minor differences between the papers with regard to register variations and opacity, no variation in ink receptivity and image resolution. The Star Targets effectively discriminated between the ink performances where 7-fold variation in size of the center solid areas were observed. The results of this test have served as a basis for increased objectivity in specifications for printed charts from supplying printers.

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