A New Principle in Lithographic Paper Manufacture.


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Dr. Frederick H. Frost, A. P. Reynolds


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Seven facts are presented which the writer believes have an important bearing on the relationship between offset lithography and paper made for that process. Theories are constructed from these seven facts which, if true, indicate that up to the present time lithographers have had the choice of purchasing a product which will perform well on the offset press but which will produce poor quality results and which will off-set, or purchasing a product which will give a high quality of reproduction but will perform poorly on an offset press. The author then constructs a theory as to how a paper might be produced which would give maximum quality of reproduction and at the same time maximum ease of operation. Illustrations of production trials made under this new concept of paper making are then exhibited to support or deny the validity of this theory of making paper for the offset process. The process involves the designing of a paper which has a high degree of affinity for ink but at the same time has a low degree of affinity for water.

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