The Issues in Printing Security Documents Which Have Intrinsic Value


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Richard Goodman, Adam Trexler and Jillian Schanzenbach


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Valaurum, Inc. is currently producing security documents which consist of a PET plastic substrate, printed images, covered by a thin layer of pure gold, and laminated by a PET topcoat. The printing may depict proprietary objects, a merely artistically beautiful image or representations of official currency. These printed objects, called AurumTM, have intrinsic value due to their typically containing .05 to 0.25 grams of pure gold. They may, however, have far greater value as collector's items, special commemoratives or their relation to currency. The factors involved in the incorporation of "security features" as well as the inherent complexity of the gold content lead to interesting security printing decisions. For many potential buyers, the production of the Aurum would require adherence to ISO 14298, the management of security printing standard. The complexities involved in producing security documents under the aegis of the ISO 14298 standard will also be discussed.

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