TAGA 2016 Winter Newsletter

2016 Annual Technical Conference

The 2016 Annual Technical Conference is a month away. We have put together another excellent collection of papers to be presented by various individuals representing the industry in a multitude of disciplines. There will be almost thirty papers presented along with presentations by our distinguished keynote speakers.

This year, we are holding the annual event in Memphis, Tennessee at the Memphis Sheraton Downtown Hotel (www.sheratonmemphisdowntown.com) from March 20-22. To make reservations with our host hotel, please call the reservation number 866-716-8106 and use the code word "TAGA" in order to receive the lower room rate. If you wish to make your reservations online, click here.

Be sure to take advantage of the amazing industry tours we have arranged. Our first visit is to Cyber Graphics to see design, prototyping, prepress, color management and plate media services for flexographic printing. It is the largest user of photopolymer material in North America. After that tour, we will tour Bryce Corporation, a leader in the production of innovative flexible packaging products for food industry. It operates 60"+ wide, 10 color flexo presses.

Impressive Lineup of Keynotes

The Annual Technical Conference will feature five superb keynote presentations. Three of the keynote topics will examine key trends in printing processes, while two delve into the Internet of Things (IoT) and the technology innovations it's spurring.

Mike D'Angelo, Goss Interntional Americas--Web Offset: The Dominant Unknown Printing Process
Mike is managing director of Goss International Americas, the world's leading web offset press manufacturer. He'll examine recent developments in web offset technology that make it more viable for applications such as packaging.

  • Liz Logue, EFI, Inc.-- Technology Shifts in Textile Printing
    If you haven't been paying attention to textile printing, you wouldn't know that an upheaval is taking place. Digital printing has entered the world of fashion and given designers the ability to get clothes, upholstery, and other textiles to market in weeks, not months.
  • Kevin Berisso, University of Memphis -- Down the Rabbit Hole: Chasing the Internet of Things
    Do you understand the ramifications of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Kevin, one of the country's few professors focused on automated identification and data capture, will examine IoT's impact on the power grid, healthcare, manufacturing processes, communications and everything in between.
  • Janos Veres, PARC Xerox Corp. -- The Next Generation of Printed Electronics
    Today, printed electronics offers just enough intelligence on smart labels and packaging to expand the edges of the Internet of Things (IOT) with consumables, food and apparel. The leader of PARC's printed electronics program will discuss the technology that has printing poised to become a key tool for the creation of IoT devices.
  • Don Shroeder, FUJIFILM North America Corp. -- InkJet Printing Continues to Progress!
    Don's role as solutions development manager for Fujifilm North America has given him a rare vantage point into the development of inkjet technology and its migration into all segments of print production. He'll make some bold predictions of how inkjet is going to transform the industry.

Annual Technical Conference Registration

Registration is underway. Pricing is $645 for TAGA and Printing Industries of America members. For $770, you also receive a TAGA professional membership with your registration. In addition, members of Idealliance, IS&T, RadTech, and TAPPI can take advantage of registering at the member rate. University students must fill out a registration form and have their student advisor email or fax it to taga(at)printing.org or 412-259-1765 to the attention of TAGA.

For all registration options, you can visit http://tagaatc.printing.org/register.


Don't forget to renew your TAGA membership for 2016! Professional memberships are still at same rate of $125. Retired and student memberships remain at $50.

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