Spoilage Report

Tracking and using metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) for improvement is commonplace for companies striving for operational excellence.Unfortunately, the data on these operational metrics is largely insufficient to allow printing companies to compare their performance with other companies. Printing Industries of America (PIA) receives many inquiries from companies trying to determine if they're above or below average on specific KPIs. Requests for an industry standard for spoilage are typical of those questions. Our Spoilage Survey was PIA's effort to help companies understand whether their spoilage levels are best in industry, woeful, or somewhere in between. Of course, the best performing companies consider any spoilage as unacceptable and thus are driving for lower numbers whatever the current measure.  

Some of the key survey findings covered in the report include:

  • How printers measure spoilage or the Key Performance Indicators for spoilage metrics
  • How printers can calculate their own spoilage metrics
  • What exact costs are included in the calculations.

In our spoilage study we set out with specific goals to better understand the extent that spoilage is tracked, how statistics are calculated, and most importantly, the range and average of spoilage levels. In addition, we sought to understand whether low spoilage figures correlate to other company behaviors.

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