What is ChromaChecker?

This cloud-based solution is dedicated to anyone who cares about color precision and accuracy for any process. Whether you are a manufacturer in plastics, fabrics, or print, you will want to use ChromaChecker. It is the first "color cloud" that incorporates all the components required for accurate color reproduction: lighting, instrumentation, substrates, and actual devices. It allows for reporting conformance based on the operator, timeframe, job number, or customer--any way you want to define your process. Our ChromaChecker Color Cloud Eco system is designed to allow you to proactively monitor your entire process to ensure that your devices are performing to your desired level of color expectations.

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What is E-Factor?

E-Factor is the expectation of the color match. It quantifies how close two colors or two pages have to be in order to be close enough to meet expectations. From a technician's point of view, E-Factor relates to ?E (00) for spot colors and the 95th percentile ?E (00) for multi-color and page comparisons (E in E-Factor has dual meaning: expectation for the non-color expert, and delta E for the color expert).

ChromaChecker allows users to quantify their expectations of a required color match in a number (called E-Factor) by taking our free on-line exercise (or hard copy exercise) to determine "how close is close enough" and helps users understand if they are being reasonable. The second component allows printers to output targets, measure them in, upload to our site, and calculate what each device's E-Factor is in order to determine if it can meet the customer's expectations. If the output device's E-Factor is less than or equal to the customer's E-Factor, then the printer can meet customer expectations, and the customer will be happy.

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How Does ChromaChecker Work?

ChromaChecker is a set of cloud-based applications for color control that offers device independent, fast, and accurate evaluation of measured data. A wide range of instruments and measuring software can be used to produce CxF or other compatible data. Registered users can upload files for detailed analysis and for documentation purposes. Advanced remote spectral data analysis helps to solve various problems in the printing industry. Capture measurement data then upload to our servers for advanced analysis. Dedicated for different purposes, the analysis software will create detailed reports. Advanced technology enables user to interpret typical issues and helps to solve problems.

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