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It's a safe assumption that a correlation exists between how well a company understands its costs and its level of profitability. Companies that are fuzzy on their manufacturing costs are more prone to make unwise financial decisions, like producing a job using one press when using another would have made the job more profitable.

We developed the PrintAS Cost Calculator (v2.0) to help members make prudent decisions in estimating and production planning, particularly when deciding whether to run a job on an offset or digital press. Faster digital presses have invalidated past assumptions about the cost crossover point between offset- and digitally-produced pieces.  The calculator prompts members to input all of the factors that impact the cost structure of specific digital and offset jobs. It then determines the precise cost crossover point between any two processes so the least expensive process, based on run length, is obvious.

The PrintAS Cost Calculator was developed by Printing Industries of America based on a cost model created by Dr. Mark Bohan, Dr. Anthony Stanton (Carnegie Mellon University), and Hal Stratton (Komori America).

This is the second version of the PrintAS calculator and additional cost factors will be added in future versions. This has improved analysis of one and two sided printing. To register and automatically receive software updates, please contact our Research Department by emailing research [at] and stating its for "PrintAS reg." You can email your comments or questions to the same address.

Note: The PrintAS Cost Calculator is supplied "as is"; use it at your own risk. Printing Industries of America does not provide any warranties for it, implied or otherwise, and while we have done our best to make the software free of errors, we cannot guarantee that no errors exist. Under no circumstances shall Printing Industries of America be liable for damages arising from its use.

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