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Whether focusing on pricing, sales, marketing your business, or managing your employees, PRINTING United Alliance provides you with tools and strategies to help your company thrive. Take advantage: Make PRINTING United Alliance your partner in success.

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Printing Sales Contracts: Samples From the Industry
PRINTING United Alliance has long been known to members as a great resource for best practices information and networking. This is yet another resource for graphic communications firms to learn from each other in the area of sales contracts. The contents of this book come from PRINTING United Alliance member companies who participated in a survey during the summer of 2008, which collected contracts that relate to customers. In addition, we are including sample language regarding subcontracting in the Appendix from the law firm of Ferrara, Fiorenza, Larrison, Barrett & Reitz in Syracuse, New York. Available for purchase for non-members.

Best Business Practice Guidelines for Terms and Conditions of Sale
Over the past few years, technology has greatly impacted printers’ business practices and relationships with customers and third-party suppliers. Hereafter, supplier will be the term used to connote printers, mailers and other service providers. The information provided here is intended solely as a guideline for use in various business situations and in communications with customers and suppliers. FREE to members. Available for purchase for non-members.

Cracking the Code on B2B Marketing
For any graphic communications company seeking new relationships with retailers & brands, keep this top of mind: The first two-thirds of the B2B buying cycle is where the relationship begins; it’s where credibility starts.

Creating Sales Culture
A company’s sales professionals are responsible for sales campaigns, customer purchases and keeping revenue flowing into company coffers. This is a tall order, one that is most effectively fulfilled with the help of a supporting sales culture.

Employee Travel Pay: When and How to Compensate Employees Correctly
Many employers have travel policies in place that govern employees representing their firm while on business travel. These policies govern employee conduct, expenses, reimbursement practices, etc. However, there is less clarity regarding how employees are paid when they travel for work.

Job Descriptions
Be as competitive as possible in today's marketplace! Check out PRINTING United Alliance's job descriptions to make sure you have the right people in the right places, with the right titles.

Making Big Decisions: Will Doing Nothing Destroy Your Business?
The ideal situation is to have two options, with concrete consequences resulting from either decision. Acquire enough quantitative and qualitative data to recognize your options and their consequences.
How “doing nothing” can impact every area of your business, from business strategy, to financials, to operations.

Sales Management: Objectives & Subjectives
Even a little more training and management will improve sales performance, especially if focused on specific objectives or subjectives. On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate each of your salespeople?

Six Tips to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign
This article walks through the process of running a holistic marketing campaign and shows you ways to make each part of this campaign educational, helpful, timely, customized and consistent.