Development of the Total Automation System for Print Density and Colour Registers


Year: 1987
Pages: 13


In the paper a description and experiences of the use of a new computerized automation system for heat-set offset presses are given. The system, called PRINTA, has been developed by a Finnish firm, Altim Control Oy, in cooperation with the Technical Research Centre in Finland (VTT). The new control and monitoring system includes adaptive presetting according to a plate scanner, press-running sequences, closed loop control of inking, as well as colour folder registers, remote control by means of keyboards, and color video terminals with finger-point display and production-reporting system. The system is easily configured for the needs of a particular printing house. Two of the systems have been delivered for production printing. The sensors for the closed loop control of the inking and register together with the control-theory background for printing press control have been based on the research work at VTT. The results of this research have been reported in several earlier TAGA meetings.


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