Perceived Satisfaction by Customers in the Digital Printing Value System


Year: 2006
Pages: 26


Adding customer value to products and applications is important to be able to successfully compete using digital printing. In this study the perceived satisfaction of added value was explored. It was concluded that digital printing does not entirely fulfill the demands that customers have on their printed material, but it was indicated that digital printing will become more important for producing printed material in the future. Among the critical success factors, time, quality, functionality/possibilities, and price, quality was the factor that customers deemed most important. This was also the factor that they were least satisfied with in relation to their needs. Time was the only factor that the customers where satisfied or more than satisfied with. Based on the assumption that it is not possible to, realistically, have high demands on all critical success factors and that there has to be some tradeoff between them, the factors have been summarized and compared using mean-centered values.


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