The Center for Technology and Research is known for cutting-edge technical and educational resources. It is a vital source for the graphic communications industry and helps business owners resolve problems, improve their processes, adopt new technologies, and boost performance and efficiency. Contact us today and learn how the Center for Technology and Research can help your business stay successful.

How We Can Help You

Business Management Solutions

A continuous eye on improvement is the key to success. To help you, we examine your markets, customer interactions, and selling processes to make recommendations on how you can grow your business. We look at the effectiveness of your estimating and MIS software or perform a financial assessment to develop an action plan to guide you into the ranks of profit leaders. Our most popular request is an overall operational assessment to improve your business from top to bottom.

Plant Layout

A poorly laid out facility results in lost time, wasted materials, and aggravated employees. We help you when it comes to rearranging your equipment in an existing facility and we look at potential new properties with you to analyze key factors that might normally be overlooked. At the end of a plant layout assignment, we supply a schematic drawing showing where each piece of equipment is best located. Let our consulting experts assist you with a customized plant layout design for optimal workflow.

Color Management Solutions

Controlled color offers quantifiable results such as slashing press makeready time, improving print quality, and meeting increasingly stringent customer demands. If you are troubleshooting color and quality problems too often, we assist you to find the cause and implement a more effective process. We help you get your color under control with a technical color management assessment, proof-to-press verification, and by becoming a G7(r) Master Printer.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Solutions

Our experts help you stay compliant with OSHA, EPA, and other federal agency requirements. We help many businesses avoid fines and stay up to date with recordkeeping and training programs. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety experts help you get on track with sustainability issues. We offer guidance on the many certification programs that will aid you in marketing your business as sustainable.

Equipment and Software Selection

Whether you're choosing a new management information software or considering a leap into production inkjet, it's better to have guidance in making the decision rather than regrets down the road. The Center for Technology and Research helps you make a wise choice. Our consultants stay up to date on the latest technologies and products, putting them in the ideal position to help you.

Customized Training Solutions

Companies that invest in training earn more money on average and have higher employee retention. We develop customized on-site training solutions on everything from process control to equipment operation to orientation programs for individuals new to the industry. Customized training is tailored to your specific needs and can be taught any place or any time. We also provide you with additional materials such as books, reports, and other studies.

Production Operation Solutions

We are dedicated to helping companies cut costs, raise profits, and be more efficient in production. Our assessments are designed to find where your waste, bottlenecks, and automation opportunities lie. We help you turn these problem areas into streamlined areas of success. The Center for Technology and Research provides production assessments, assistance with quality and Lean manufacturing initiatives, solutions for reducing makeready time, and ways to reduce lead time through automation.

Why choose us?

Technical experts from Printing Industries of America's Center for Technology and Research have decades of hands-on experience solving production, management, and strategic issues. When you call on us to help you solve a problem or overcome a challenge, our experts work with you to provide unbiased, solid recommendations and solutions.

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