TAGA Student Chapters

Established in 1985, the TAGA Student Chapters are an integral part of the TAGA organization. TAGA believes strongly in supporting and encouraging students and giving them recognition for their achievements. TAGA believes that partnering with schools is as important in today's world as partnering with suppliers and customers

What's New

Bruce Leigh Myers is the new Vice President of Education and is the Board member that takes care of all of the student competitions. If you are the student advisor for your TAGA Student Chapter, you will want to stay connected with the VP of Education for deadlines, specific details regarding students, requirements for speaking, etc. Contact Bruce at tagaedu [at] printing.org.

TAGA Student Chapters Objectives

  • To encourage research and scholarship among students at colleges and universities in the graphic arts and related disciplines
  • To encourage dialogue among young scholars about technical issues impacting the graphic arts presently and about those issues of future importance
  • To establish an organized body of individuals who are dedicated to pursuing careers in graphic arts technology, science, research, or teaching
  • To provide students with publishing opportunities through the publication of a technical student publication by the student chapters
  • To stimulate future TAGA membership by keeping objectives and activities in the forefront of students studying graphic arts or related disciplines

TAGA Student Membership Benefits

  • TAGA Proceedings (printed abstract w/ CD-ROM)
  • Discounted registration to the Annual Technical Conference
  • Free subscription to the TAGA e-newsletter
  • Discounts on back issues of the TAGA Proceedings
  • Access to other valuable resources in the TAGA member area
  • Eligibility to enter TAGA Student Competitions

Note: Student Members do not participate in board member elections

Membership is renewed each calendar year (January through December). Sign-up or renew your membership early in order to receive all the benefits. Click here to learn how you can become a TAGA student member.

Student Networking

TAGA is a great way to network with other students and professionals in the Graphic Arts and related fields. Below are two great ways to start to link to other student members:

Starting A TAGA Student Chapter

It is relatively easy to start a TAGA Student Chapter. If you are a student or an alumni of a school that you feel should consider starting or reestablishing a TAGA Student Chapter, please contact us for more information.
A TAGA Student Chapter will be recognized by following just a few requirements:

  • Provide the TAGA office with the name, address, website of your university or department so that we may include it on the list of "active" student chapters.
    • If you have a TAGA webpage, please also provide that link as well.
  • Select a Faculty Advisor for the chapter.
    • As students graduate every year, it is important to have a member of faculty to help carry the group through from year to year.
    • Provide the name and contact information of this person to the TAGA office.
    • The TAGA advisor should be an active TAGA member.
    • The TAGA Membership Application is available here.
      Students use this form. Advisors use this form.
  • Publicize your chapter, hold your first meeting, and elect your officers (president, vice president, etc.).
  • Encourage membership in the National TAGA organization.
    • Student membership is only $50 per student (vs. $125 for professional members).
    • The TAGA Membership Application is available here.
    • TAGA membership has many benefits, including drastically discounted registration to the annual conference.
    • Many local student chapters also collect dues for operational costs (this is NOT paid to the TAGA organization); some chapters are able to cover all their costs through creative fundraising.
  • Send any newsworthy information to the TAGA office (taga [at] printing.org) for inclusion in the TAGA newsletters and website.
  • Contact the TAGA office (taga [at] printing.org) with any membership concerns.