Profit Booster

The Center for Print Economics and Management, the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date analysis on the print economy and management, has announced the new Profit Booster program, an affordable, focused management map providing you a clear path to profitability. The key features of the new Profit Booster include:

KPM Analysis

A detailed comparison and analysis of the printer's key performance metrics with profit-leading firms that are similar in size, business models, and printing processes.

Variance Analysis

A comprehensive variance analysis examining the underlying reasons for performance issues.

Targeted Action Plan

An action plan with recommendations for specific strategic management practices and operational improvements, such as lowering costs, saving resources, changing prices, and other actions to stop losses and increase sales and profits.

Ongoing Assistance and Consultations

Three months of follow-up including a detailed report to management, a web-based presentation to the printer's management team, and on-going assistance and consultation as needed to help implement the action plan.


Affordable pricing plans are structured based on the size of your company. Schedule your Profit Booster today by emailing economics [at] or calling 412-259-1756.

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