Participate in the 2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey

Deadline for participation: September 30th!

Print industry leaders can start participating in the survey on May 24 and the survey will close on Saturday, September 30th. 

Choose the option that is most convenient for you. There are four ways to participate: Online Survey, Survey PDF, Survey spreadsheet, or by having Margolis Partners complete it for you. We recommend downloading a User Guide below for help filling out each of the participation options below.

Dynamic Ratios User Guide

Dynamic Ratios Short Form User Guide

Online Survey Form

From this page you can login and participate if you already have an account. You can also create an account and look up your password.

Online Survey Form

Survey Spreadsheets

Complete the survey using Excel. Click on the either of the links below (short form or extended), save the Excel file on your computer, and email the completed file to smargolis [at]

Dynamic Ratios Short Form Survey Spreadsheet.

Dynaic Ratios Extended Version Survey Spreadsheet.

Survey PDF

Complete by downloading a PDF of the survey. Right-click the link , select "Save Target As," then select the destination on your computer. Mail or fax the results to Margolis Partners.

Dynamic Ratios Short Form Survey PDF

Dynamic Ratios Extended Version Survey PDF

Have Margolis Partners Complete the Survey for You

($150 fee applies) Download this PDF Dynamic Ratios Demographics Survey file. Right-click the link, select "Save Target As," then select the destination on your computer. Complete your "Company Demographics" and "Order Form" and mail along with your company's fiscal-year financial statements and year-end General Ledger Trial Balance to Margolis Partners LLC.

Submit your financial, accounting, and Printing Industries of America Ratios questions to Ratios CPA at smargolis [at]

We will try to have an answer to your question within 48 hours. Please indicate your name, company name, and contact information in the email.