2017 Best of Category Winners


1010 Printing International Limited

Street Food Asia



On The Origin Of Art

Art Books (4 or more colors)


American Packaging Corporation

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate

Decorative Printing


Amherst Label, Inc.

Med Skeds USA

Labels and Wraps--Rolled products/pressure-sensitive


AMP Printing

Charles Schwab Pinnacle Brochure

Brochures and Broadsides, Small



Bloomingdale's - Mother's Day 2017

Web Press Printing (Coated paper)




Booklets (1, 2, or 3 colors)


The Most Noble Hardwood Zi Tan Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Service Catalogs (4 or more colors, printers with 101 or more employees)


Leng Bingchuan

Art Books (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Escapism Bill Bensley

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors, printers with 101 or more employees)


B&B Print Source

Doernbecher Freesytle Program

Programs (4 or more colors)


Balfour Publishing

2017 The Bluestone, James Madison University

School Yearbooks


Body of Work

Body of Work Corporate Stationary Package

Presentation Folders/Portfolios (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Body of Work International Art Prints

Presentation Folders/Portfolios (4 or more colors)


Body of Work Corporate Flyer

Flyers (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Body of Work International Magazine Insert

Flyers (4 or more colors)


Body of Work "Ten"

Product/Service Catalogs (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Body of Work "One"

Book Jackets


Body of Work "Gold"

Magazine Inserts


Body of Work 2017 Magazine Series

Magazine Series


Body of Work Corporate

Business and Annual Reports (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Body of Work International

Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colors, creative companies/agencies)


Body of Work Gold Collection

Art Prints


Body of Work 366-Page Pepetual Calendar



Body of Work Corporate

Stationery Packages (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Body of Work Stationary Package

Stationery Packages (4 or more colors)


Body of Work "Gold"

Direct Mail Campaigns, Consumer


Body of Work "Million Dollar Desk Calendar"



Brooks Litho & Digital Group, Inc.

Sunny Day Press KIt

Miscellaneous Specialties--Other


C & C Joint Printing Co.,(H.K.) Ltd.

2017 Desk calendar

Diaries and Desk Calendars


Wedding photograph

Customized/Personalized/Variable-Data Digital Printing


Gift set



Geronimo Stilton Book

Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or "Invisible" Printing Inks


C.J. Graphics Inc.

Toyota Air Freshener Business Card

Business Cards


Mildred's Temple Kitchen - Out to Brunch Cookbook

Digital Printing--Cookbooks

Hudson Bay - Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams 2016

Internal Communication Pieces (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Hudeson Bay - The Room Spring 2016 Hard Cover Book

Internal Communication Pieces (4 or more colors)


Bradshaw Delicacies from the Sea

Brochures and Broadsides, Large


Canadian tire - The World's Largest Paint Swatch

Industrial Printing


CHFU Visionary Kit Isometric

Digital Printing--Packaging


3D Kids

3D Printing


Color Incorporated

AMC 2016 Emmy Consideration Mailer

Other Special Finishing Techniques


Color Ink

Color Ink Enviro 3D Cow

Special Innovation Awards--Other


Colornet Press

Lululemon Mag-a-log English Catalog

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors, printers with 21-100 employees)


Conlatingraf / Impresora Printer S.A.

Gala la Bohema Banco de Chile

Invitations (4 or more colors)


Fey Printing

Juniper Blooming Box



Neenah Paper Think Classic Promo

Booklets (4 or more colors, printers with 21-100 employees)



Marketing Kit - Lid/Tub

Flexographic Printing


Graphic Visual Solutions

Be Visual

Booklets (4 or more colors, printers with 101 or more employees)


Be Visual

Booklets (4 or more colors, creative companies/agencies)


Be Visual

Hi-Fidelity Printing


Be Visual

Special Innovation Awards--Printing


Heritage Printing & Graphics

Apollo Floor Display

Point-of-Purchase Materials, Large


Heritage Printing PressKit

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (Printers with 20 or fewer employees)


Charlotte Skyline Canvas Wrap

Fabric/Textile Printing


HM Graphics Inc

Potawatomi 25th Anniversary Envelope



HH Global HP Campaign

Direct Mail Campaigns, Consumer


Imperial Communications

Perlick Generations of Excellence Binder

Binders (Loose-leaf)


Impress Communications, Inc.

Impress Communications Multitouch Direct Marketing Campaign

Direct Mail Campaigns, Business-to-Business


J.S. McCarthy Printers

ASU Campaign 2020

Media Packaging




Booklet or Brochure Series


Leo Paper Products Ltd.

2015 Annual Report

Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colors, printers with 101 or more employees)



Juvenile Books


Beauty and The Beast

Diecuts and Pop-ups


Beauty and The Beast

Novelty Books


Main Graphics

Jovenville Tarot Card Promotion

Foil Stamping


Marina Graphic Center, Inc.

Starz Ash vs. Evil Dead - Ashy Slashy 3D Promotional Media Kit

Media Kits


Exquisite Surfaces 2017 Catalog (20 Page + Cover)

Product Catalogs (4 or more colors, creative companies/agencies)


McGraphics, Inc.

McGraphics, Inc. 30th Anniversary Invitation

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (Prepress companies, finishing, advertising, and other graphic arts firms)


Mossberg & Company

Mossberg & Company's Production and Marketing Portfolio

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (Printers with more 101 or more employees)


Nieman Printing

Comex Color Life - Trends 2017



North West Book

Miller/ Miller Lite Toolkit

Promotional Campaigns, Business-to-Business


Nulab Group


Digital Printing--Novelty Books


Pacific Printing Industries

2016 PrintROCKS! Award Campaign

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (Association/Non-Profit Organizations)


Paradigm Digital Color Graphics

Princeton Abbey

Booklets (4 or more colors, printers with 20 or fewer employees)


Penmore Lithographers

Bates Magazine, Fall 2016

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines (Printers with 100 or fewer employees)


Pollard Banknote Limited

Loterie Nationale de Belgique 10E Million Calendar Lottery Ticket

They Said It Couldn't Be Done



We Are The Rhoads 2016

Stochastic Printing


National MS Society Gala Invites

Invitations (1, 2, or 3 colors)


Priortity Marketing/Palm Printing

Uncork the Power of Giving! Putting Kids First!



Puritan Press, Inc.

Pierpont Morgan's Study

Service Catalogs (4 or more colors, print



Marist Fashion, Volume 3

Fashion/Popular Culture Magazines (Printers with 100 or fewer employees)


RealTime Printing(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

OPERA Desktop shelf

Point-of-Purchase Materials, Small


Ripon Printers

Trek Project One Catalog

Product/Service Catalogs (Cover--sheetfed; Interior--web)


Scodix, Inc.

Printograph Inc. 2017 Brokers Promotion Package

Digital Enhancement Printing


Shanghai ADD Printing Co., LTD

Zhu Chong Yun



Shanghai Press and Publication Vocational-Technical School

A basket of flowers

High School Students


Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Shan Hai Jing

Post-Secondary Students


Shanghai Railway Printing Co., Ltd

The Scandinavian warriors

Environmentally Sound


Shenzhen International Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Colorful clothes

Soft Cover Books


Southern California Graphics Company

LAOSS - 6 Wall Graphics for Doctor's Office

Large-Format Printing


Southwest Precision Printers

Grupo Vidanta: A Legacy of Happiness Since 1974

Hard-Cover Trade Books, Journals, and Other Books


Standard Modern Company

DNC Credentials

Functional Printing



Gressco GVPro Game Changer Self Mailer

Single Promotional Self-Mailer


Tailored Label Products

Die Cut Skyline Magazine Belly Band - Green Bay Packaging 70BWF Material Sample

Labels and Wraps--Cut and stack, sheetfed


The Fox Company

Artisan Partners - Consistent Approach

Business and Annual Reports (4 or more colors, printers with 21-100 employees)


The Standard Group

Inkling Mystery Game

Cross-Media Promotion


Times Printing

CULTURED, Feb/March 2017

Architectural/Art/Travel/Other Magazines (Printers with 101 or more employees)


CULTURED, Winter 2016

Magazines (Cover--sheetfed; Interior--web)


VENICE, Spring 2017

Fashion/Popular Culture Magazines (Printers with 101 or more employees)



Web Press Printing (Uncoated paper)


Toneking Digital Printing Co.,Ltd.

Vessel & Nature, LIULI

Digital Printing--Brochures and Booklets


Wallace Carlson Printing

It's All In The Set-Up...And The Finish

Print/Graphic Arts Self-Promotion (Printers with 21-100 employees)


Wide Ocean Printing Company Limited

Ritz Carlton Macau Mooncake Box Set

Cartons, Containers, Boxes, and Totes


Wide Ocean Red Packet Promotional Box Set

Promotional Campaigns, Consumer