Production Inkjet Test Form

The Printing Industries of America 28x28-in. Inkjet Test Form is a digital test form used to diagnose and calibrate a production inkjet press. Included with the Test Form are an IT8.7/4 profiling target, an ECI 2002 characterization chart, and the Printing Industries of America Photo Montage--elements that can placed in the form's Open Designation Region in order to create color management profiles or, in the case of the Photo Montage, to verify print quality. Click here to purchase the test form.

The Directional Line Targets measure the quality of lines in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black at seven widths, from 0.0014-in. to 0.0096-in. The space between the lines in each set is the same as the thickness of the line.

The Fill & Stroke Target is used to evaluate the ability of the imaging system to handle positive and reversed (negative) lines and solids in a circular orientation. The line dimensions are specified at 0.0035-in. (0.088 mm, 0.25 pt) for the stroked output.

The Radial Line Target is an element used for checking the color reproduction properties of the inkjet printing device. This target is a two-part target that allows for visual and measurable assessment of the print.