Print Powers America is a unique industry advocacy initiative that combines lobbying, grassroots action, and public affairs to benefit and protect printing and graphic communications companies.

Print Powers America supporters come together annually to aggregate their corporate resources to increase the industry's voice in Washington, DC. They've seen the expensive mistakes of other companies and industries who thought they could ignore the public policy world--only to see competing interests happily capitalize on their absence. They've grown frustrated at the proliferation of myths surrounding the industry's relevancy, effectiveness, and environmental stewardship--and are invested in setting the record straight. They believe in strength in numbers. It's time that each individual company put a little more skin in the game on behalf of the industry.

That's why Print Powers America supporters are investing in the following advocacy strategies:

This type of legislative vigilance and industry promotion comes at a cost, and Print Powers America supporters realize the ROI of ensuring a pro-growth, pro-print environment in which to do business is a valuable one. Print Powers America allows printers to do what they do best: sell, innovate, and sell some more, knowing that PIA is on Capitol Hill watching out for their companies and the industry.

Will you become a Print Powers America supporter today? Print Powers America seeks to involve ALL printing and graphic communications companies regardless of size; therefore, membership is tiered by employee size.

Support Levels

Click the appropriate button below to support at the size matching your company.

Print Powers America members join first and foremost to protect and promote the industry of which they are passionate supporters. Beyond that, benefits of Print Powers America include:

  • Recognition and company promotion on the Print Powers America website and at PIA conferences/events
  • Exclusive Print Powers America member-only materials, such as newsletters, websticker for your company website, and collateral marketing material
  • PIA administrative and logistics support to facilitate your company's grassroots actions
  • Special annual thank you gift

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