Funding Coalition Efforts

PIA walks the walk when it comes to the "strength in numbers" theory. We're also fans of the "strange bedfellows" concept, which is why we reach out to diverse coalition partners from non-manufacturing industries, consumer rights advocates, special interest groups like the National Grange and AARP, large big-tent organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NFIB, and National Association of Manufacturing, while often working shoulder-to-shoulder with companies and trade associations representing all aspects of the printing and graphic communications supply chain.

PIA's coalition activity reflects the industry's key legislative and regulatory agenda. Depending on the issue urgency and intensity of policy debates, coalition can be ad hoc or formal, time-limited or ongoing in duration. In many cases, PIA serves or has served in leadership roles in coalitions, providing strategic deployment of resources to further advocacy goals.

It's simple. Increasing the number of companies supporting Print Powers America translates to an increased investment in coalition efforts. Will you add your company to the growing list of Print Powers America supporters today?

Key Coalition Efforts

The Coalition for Paper Options is a voice for those who need or want paper-based resources and communications. We advocate for policies that protect Americans' rights to freely access information in whatever medium they prefer. While the Coalition supports the use of technology and the value of cross-media, we believe the government and private sector should not discriminate against citizens who want or need more traditional access.

The US Postal Service is a critical delivery partner for printers who collectively mail millions of pieces of printed material each year. The mission of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service is to ensure that our nation continues to enjoy a robust and efficient postal system that is viable well into the future.

Current and Past Coalition Involvement by PIA

  • Coalition for a Democratic Workplace
  • Coalition for Workplace Safety (OSHA)
  • Council of Manufacturing Associations/NAM
  • Employers' Health Care Clearinghouse
  • Family Business Estate Tax Coalition
  • Lawsuit Abuse Reform Coalition
  • LIFO Coalition
  • Mail Moves America
  • Making Expensing Permanent Coalition
  • Multi-Association Health Plans Coalition
  • Multi-Employer Pension Plan Coalition
  • National Benefits Coalition
  • National Coalition on Ergonomics
  • S-Corp Association
  • Small Business Health Fairness Coalition
  • Stop the HIT (Health Insurance Tax) Coalition
  • STOPP (Stop Tariffs on Printers and Publishers) Coalition
  • Tax Relief Coalition
  • United for Patent Reform Coalition

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