PIA Launches Process Control Fundamentals in iLearning Center

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new Process Control Fundamentals course in the iLearning Center.

Process control means ensuring that a system is constant, predictable, and continually operating at optimum performance with only normal variation. In the printing industry, process control is the cornerstone of any successful color-managed workflow. This course methodically covers all of the necessary tools, targets, and techniques for implementing process control successfully in production workflow.

The course covers:

* What process control is and why it's important for color management
* How to establish consistency in color viewing
* All about measurement devices and instrument standards
* Process control on press, tools, and requirements
* Process control in computer-to-plate, tools, and requirements
* Process control in proofing, tools, and requirements
* Implementation and getting buy-in and support from management and staff

For more information about the iLearning Center, visit www.printing.org/ilearning or contact Joe Marin, Vice President of Education & Training at jmarin [at] printing.org.