Past InterTech™ Entries

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Technology Name Company Entry Type Year
IC3D Suite Creative Edge Software, LLC Recipient 2014
Impika Compact Xerox Corporation Candidate 2014
ITL Image Grader Image Test Labs / Technology Watch, LLC Candidate 2014
JETLEADER 1500 TKS Recipient 2014
Midnight MIS Virtual Systems Candidate 2014
MK420MINI Masterwork USA Candidate 2014
Monarch Integration with Prinergy Electronics For Imaging, Inc. Candidate 2014
NEXPRESS Gold Solution Kodak Candidate 2014
PantoneLIVE™ X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
PantoneLive™; ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition; & X-Rite eXact with Scan Option X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
Prinergy Workflow 6 Kodak Candidate 2014
Super See Zone Anti-Marking System Printing Research, Inc. Candidate 2014
Vpak Packaging Presses Goss International Recipient 2014
X-Rite eXact with Scan Option X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
Xeikon ICE Toner Xeikon America, Inc. Recipient 2014
Aproove Aproove SA Recipient 2013
DGM/Insight Die Co-Ordinator Diversified Graphic Machinery Candidate 2013
DLMS (Direct Learning Management System) Sinapse Print Simulators Recipient 2013
eXact spectrophotometer X-Rite, Inc. Candidate 2013
Facelift Hybrid Software USA Candidate 2013
Fountain Solution Control System Metafix Inc. Candidate 2013
GMG OpenColor GMG Recipient 2013
Harlequin RIP® Global Graphics Software Candidate 2013
HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press Hewlett Packard Recipient 2013
HP SmartStream Production Center Hewlett Packard Candidate 2013
inkjet CtPlate TUK Digital Graphics Candidate 2013
JETvarnish 3D MGI Digital Graphic Technology Recipient 2013
KODAK 700 Print Manager Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2013
KODAK FLEXCEL Direct System Eastman Kodak Company Recipient 2013
KODAK NEXPRESS Long Sheet Pile Feeder Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2013
KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2013
locr maps locr GmbH Candidate 2013
ORIS Lynx CGS Publishing Technologies International Recipient 2013
POWERCOAT Arjowiggins Creative Papers Recipient 2013
Pressero with eDocBuilder Aleyant Systems Recipient 2013
Scodix Metallic™ with Scodix SENSE™ Scodix, Inc. Recipient 2013
Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution Xerox Corporation Candidate 2013
XL VLF Press with Twin-Gripper Delivery and Remote Fan-Out Control Heidelberg USA Recipient 2013
Avatrex™ Transportable Imaging Utopia Digital Technologies Recipient 2012
Color Care Suite with FD-5 Spectrophotometer Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Candidate 2012
Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam™ QuadTech, Inc. Recipient 2012
CutStar Next Generation Heidelberg USA Candidate 2012
Enterworks® Enable Enterworks, Inc. Recipient 2012
Fiery System 10 Calibrator and Color Proler Suite 3.1 EFI Candidate 2012
FusionPro Expression Producer (Cloud) PTI Marketing Technologies Candidate 2012
FusionPro VDP Creator PTI Marketing Technologies Candidate 2012
HP Hiflex MIS Cloud HP Hiflex Candidate 2012
i-cut Suite Esko Recipient 2012
i1Pro 2 X-Rite, Inc. Recipient 2012