Past InterTech™ Entries

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Technology Name Company Entry Type Year
HP Hiflex MIS Cloud HP Hiflex Candidate 2012
VLF 145/162 Heidelberg USA Candidate 2010
Meteor Unlimited Colors MGI Digital Technology Candidate 2016
Xerox® iGen 5 Press Xerox Corporation Candidate 2016
Spotless Flexographic Solution Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2012
Aleyant Pressero Aleyant Systems, LLC Candidate 2015
Kodak Design2Launch Solutions Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2011
Inca Onset S20 Inca Digital Printers Ltd. Candidate 2010
Impika® Inkjet Presses Xerox Corporation Candidate 2016
Documobi Fuse documobi, Ltd. Candidate 2015
EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite EFI Candidate 2011
KODAK NEXPRESS SE Digital Production Color Platform Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2010
Integrated PLUS Color Management Xerox Corporation Candidate 2016
Heidelberg CO2 Calculator Heidelberg Candidate 2015
PantoneLive™; ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition; & X-Rite eXact with Scan Option X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
Open XM/PersonalEffect TransMedia XMPie Candidate 2016
Inca Scaleable Architecture Inca Digital Printers Ltd. Candidate 2015
PantoneLIVE™ X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
Kodak ColorFlow Software Eastman Kodak Company Candidate 2010
KONICA MINOLTA/MGI JETVarnish 3DS Konica Minolta / MGI Digital Technology Candidate 2015
ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
Thermal DigiPlate System Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc . Candidate 2010
M80 Flexible Folding System MBO America Candidate 2015
X-Rite eXact with Scan Option X-Rite Pantone Candidate 2014
VarioPrint Ultra Line Océ Candidate 2010
RICOH Pro VC60000 Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC Candidate 2015
Circle XMPie Inc. Candidate 2014
Aurora Pro Thermal CTP Plates Presstek, Inc. Candidate 2010
Phoenix Tilia Labs Candidate 2015
Impika Compact Xerox Corporation Candidate 2014
Presstek 52DI-AC Digital Offset Printing Press Presstek, Inc. Candidate 2010
TRESU IDMS TRESU Royse Inc. Candidate 2015
Midnight MIS Virtual Systems Candidate 2014
Flex-Paper Waste Control Soft Solutions, Inc. Candidate 2010
ColorCert: X-Rite Edition X-Rite Candidate 2015
Super See Zone Anti-Marking System Printing Research, Inc. Candidate 2014
In-house Digital Printing Facility Bridge Publications, Inc. Candidate 2009
X-Rite PantoneLIVE X-Rite Candidate 2015
MK420MINI Masterwork USA Candidate 2014
Bourg BB3 002 PUR Perfect Binder C.P. Bourg Candidate 2009
Xeikon Cheetah Xeikon Candidate 2015
Prinergy Workflow 6 Kodak Candidate 2014
DiMS! Enterprise DiMS! organizing print Candidate 2009
NEXPRESS Gold Solution Kodak Candidate 2014
Variable Sleeve Offset Printing Drent Goebel America Candidate 2009
ITL Image Grader Image Test Labs / Technology Watch, LLC Candidate 2014
ICE Intelligent Color Engine FineEye Color Solutions, Candidate 2009
HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press Hewlett Packard Candidate 2014
Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 Adobe Systems, Inc. Candidate 2011