Sustainability Resources

SustainabilityToday’s global marketplace requires you to differentiate yourself from the competition, and sustainability can be the ticket that sets you apart. Now, more than ever, both print buyers and the incoming workforce are favoring sustainable companies. Investing in sustainability is not only a sound business decision but implementing sustainable business practices, such as operational efficiencies, can reduce your overhead costs and improve your environmental footprint!

Recycling Initiatives

The business of recycling is in a state of flux. China’s Blue-Sky initiative has drastically reduced the accepted contamination levels in imported recycling. This has forced many countries, including the U.S. to figure out a domestic Reyclesolution. A lack of domestic waste management infrastructure and a large drop in foreign demand of recycled materials has made avoiding the landfill vastly more challenging. Many organizations including the federal government and many state governments are working to rectify this issue through creating secondary markets, supporting local recycling facilities still in business, and hosting events to educate people about how to responsibly manage their waste. Get involved and learn more about these solution efforts here!

Issues & Trends

Encouraging the incorporation of practices that benefit your triple bottom line—people, planet, profit—through using innovative manufacturing methods, systems, and materials that gear toward a circular economy is the backbone of PRINTING United Alliance’s sustainability efforts. Adoption and integration of these practices plays a central role in the continuing growth and success of the imaging marketplace and allows us to responsibly provide for future generations. Learn more about relevant topics and trends in the sustainability space such as extended producer responsibility regulations, circular economy efforts, sustainable packaging, renewable energy, bans on single use plastic, etc.

Sustainable Business Recognition ProgramSustainable_Business

Get recognized for your sustainability initiatives! Each year, we award companies for contributing to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. You are probably doing more to be sustainable than you think! Read more about the SDGs and the Sustainable Business Recognition Program.

Sustainable Green Printing Partnerships

SustainableGreenPrintingCompanies desiring to be recognized for their sustainability program through a transparent third-party program should consider becoming certified under the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. To avoid the stigma of “greenwashing,” PRINTING United Alliance supports and endorses the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Program as the certification program that recognizes adoption of sustainable business practices within our industry sector.

Best industry practices have shown that improving transparent sustainability procedures while decreasing your environmental footprint can increase consumer confidence and lead to a healthier bottom line. Obtain validation through the third-party sustainability certification offered by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP).

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