GMG ColorBook: A Personalized Communicator for Digitally Printed Pantone Color Simulations

Written June 30, 2021

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While digital printing is rapidly gaining importance, especially in the packaging industry, one question remains: How can Pantone Colors and custom brand colors be simulated with a fixed set of four to seven inks?

GMG ColorServer and GMG OpenColor have color conversion fully under control. The results are convincing. However, in order to prove this to potential clients, digital printing now has an undeniably compelling argument: GMG ColorBook — it looks like a regular color guide, but there’s more to it.

Peter Schöffler, product manager at GMG, explains, “In digital printing, GMG ColorBook is a Pantone-licensed color reference for simulating Pantone and custom brand colors based on a precise set of real print conditions. We're not talking about a regular color guide, but one created on your own press – in real printing conditions. In short: GMG ColorBook shows the actual end result because GMG ColorBook is produced under production conditions, on the same press, using the same inks, and on the production substrate.

With this new solution, GMG provides a sales tool for printers who want to physically demonstrate their color competence in digital printing before an order is placed. In addition, GMG ColorBook establishes a building block for reliable color communication. "From design to prepress ... from the pressroom to the clients and brands ... if everyone’s expectations are aligned, we create reassuring process reliability from start to finish," says Schöffler.

“Pantone is delighted to collaborate with GMG on GMG ColorBook because this unique solution simulates the full range of Pantone Colors that demanding print buyers hope to see from their print service providers,” said Iain Pike, Director of Licensing at Pantone. “Printers and their brand and design clients can quickly and easily compare GMG ColorBook to the Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated because the page numbers and layout are identical between these references, thereby setting the right color expectations based on the digital printing job parameters."

GMG ColorBook comes as an option to GMG ColorServer and GMG OpenColor. "It appears as a single additional button in the user interface," says Schöffler. "With only a few extra clicks, users can take a big step in quality and consistency for digital print."