Rigid Signage

Can you handle the installation of rigid signage? Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate that skill. PDAA* Certification shows you can confidently take any rigid signage installation job. The Rigid Signage designation indicates that you can handle many rigid signage installations.

*PDAA stands for Professional Decal Application Alliance

Rigid Signage Badge

The Rigid Signage designation starts by enrolling and completing the online portion of the training. Once you are successful with that, attend a training and certification event with hands-on training and testing in a one-of-a-kind two-day event. You’ll receive training on tools, tips, and techniques and then be shown what’s expected for successful testing. Your installation will be evaluated by some of the industry’s leading installers.

Rigid Signage Certification

This certification is designed to test whether an installer has the skill set, the knowledge of industry terms, and the proficiency with all the tools necessary to install these signs in a typical industry setting (retail stores, trade shows, banks, offices, etc.). Some testing stations will include Stud and Pin Mounted, Security Hardware, Cleated, Standoff Mounted, SEG frames with fabric, ADA or Wayfinding, and Rod & Cable suspension signage.