Customer Service Professional Certification

The CSP certification program is designed for CSRs at all levels who want to reach their fullest potential in the areas of professionalism, communication, management of internal and external customers, and job production situations to deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

CSP certification program courses are broken into modules that allow information to be easily digested at a comfortable pace. With seven printing-industry specific topics, the CSP certification program provides you with the tools you need in a production print environment to ensure your company stands out to win over loyal customers.


What You’ll Learn

  • Roles and Qualities for Customer Service
  • Success
  • Customer Service in the Printing Industry
  • Print Manufacturing Concepts
  • Common Digital File Problems and Solutions
  • Communicating Color with Clients
  • Dealing with Dissatisfied Clients
  • Professional Communication

Complete the program and earn a Customer Service Professional Digital Badge that you can display in your email signature, in the certifications section of your LinkedIn profile page, and through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

Earn Your Digital Badge in Customer Service Excellence

The U.S. News and World Report magazine named Digital Badges and micro-credentials the #1 trend to watch in higher education and workforce development. Digital credentialing is gaining in popularity with professionals of all ages as the best way to display your new knowledge and skills to the world.

Start improving your customer retention, satisfaction, cross-selling, and up-selling skills. Invest in YOU with the Customer Service Professional (CSP) certification program today!