Architectural Films Certification

You think you’re good? Prove it. PDAA Certification shows you can handle any installation job with confidence. The Architectural Films designation shows the world that you can handle any type of standard architectural film in a typical industry setting – retail stores, trade shows, banks, offices, etc.

Architectural FilmsThe Architectural Films designation starts by attending a training and certification event, which is hands-on training and testing in a unique three-day workshop where you'll receive training on tools, tips and application techniques and then shown what's expected for a successful test. Your work will be evaluated by some of the industry's leading installers.

This certification is designed to test that an installer has the skill set, the knowledge of industry terms and the proficiency with all the tools necessary to install any type of standard architectural film in a typical industry setting (retail stores, trade shows, banks, offices, etc.). Some of the testing stations will include: wall mural with an inside and outside corner, round column, floor graphic, wet and dry application window graphic, rough textured surface, and a steel locker unit.

PDAA Certification Means Business

For years, PDAA Master Certified has been the only certification not tied to any vinyl manufacturer. The testing has been rigorous, and the nationwide listing on Find an Installer* has been the gold standard connecting end-users/customers with this installer group.

“As soon as I got put on the Find an Installer list on the PRINTING United website, I began to get phone calls for quotes on installs. I get calls frequently!” — Kristen Lanzarone-Scribner, WrapStar Pro (Sacramento, Calif.)*

*Listing on the PDAA Find a Certified Installer website is exclusively for PRINTING United Alliance corporate members.