Simplifying the Business of Human Resources

iLEARNING+ helps organizations of all sizes create a culture of learning by offering valuable access to dozens of online printing courses, training programs, and certifications. Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees or provide professional development opportunities for those already on staff, iLEARNING+ offers something to support all your HR efforts. And with ready-to-access resources that don’t require you to start to from scratch, you can easily choose from a library of courses to meet any need — all while saving time and money!

Create Printing Technology Career Pathways

As a single source destination for training in the latest printing industry trends, iLEARNING+ can help you quickly and efficiently boost HR functionality and effectiveness. With content designed for employees of all levels, this robust platform helps with:

  • Onboarding: The Alliance knows that getting the influx of new employees joining the industry up-to-speed can be demanding. That’s why iLEARNING+ is designed to complement your current training programs and help you guide new staff by building a program tailored to their industry knowledge and specific job function.

  • Professional Development: As new products and processes continuously enter the field, the need to upskill or reskill your current team becomes increasingly important. iLEARNING+ makes keeping everyone current on the latest trends and best practices effortless by offering educational resources that eliminate the need to create internal training materials.

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