Walking Working Surfaces Package

In January 2017, OSHA updated its walking-working surfaces rule addressing safety in every area where an employee is required to walk, stand, and work. Specifically, the areas covered include all ground-level surfaces, elevated surfaces, parking lots, sidewalks, steps, ladders, loading docks, and roofs. The goal of the regulation is to prevent slips, trips, and falls in the workplace through Walking_Working_Surfaceshousekeeping, training, and fall protection requirements.

Each of these resources below are designed to guide you through a specific portion of a complete Walking Working Surfaces Compliance Program. Having a strong and active program is important because it lays the groundwork for maintaining a safe workplace by taking preventative measures rather than reactive measures after an accident has occurred. Combining these completed resources with robust training, education, and management program will effectively engage employees and keep them safe. If you currently have a program addressing walking and working surfaces, compare it to these resources to ensure the essential elements in your program are being met.

If you do not have a walking and working surfaces program, you can use the materials provided below to develop and implement one. All the materials are customizable.

Walking Working Surfaces Packet:

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