Safe and Sound

This program was inspired by OSHA’s annual Safe and Sound Week in which they focus on safety and provide general resources for safety improvement in the workplace. The goal of their program is for companies to achieve safety in the workplace through:Safe_Sound_Partner

  • Management Leadership
  • Worker Engagement
  • Finding and Fixing Hazards

PRINTING United Alliance's Government Affairs department partnered with OSHA to create a program built on the same foundation, but slightly differs as it is completely customized to the printing industry. PRINTING United Alliance’s Safe and Sound Week helps the printing industry comply with regulations, avoid OSHA violations, and improve or enhance safety in your company!

How to Participate

To earn recognition as a Safe and Sound Participant, your company must complete the 3 in 30 Challenge. That is— accomplish 3 safety activities 30 days directly following the conclusion of Safe and Sound week, which is typically in August. Each year, PRINTING United Alliance will provide safety resources on our website and send them to participating companies. Our safety resources provide safety activity options that can be used to meet the requirements. However, other activities you take that fit your safety needs are acceptable and qualify under the program.

During our first annual program in 2019, we launched our Walking Working Surfaces Package that is downloadable for member use on the Safety and Health page. We also sent some training materials and other resources to those who were interested in getting recognized under the program. These materials are still available to all members by contacting PRINTING United Alliance's Government Affairs Department at

2019 Recognized Companies

The companies listed below were recognized as Safe and Sound Participants in 2019 by completing the 3 in 30 Challenge. We Safe_Sound_Participantcommend the priority these companies give to the safety and well-being of their employees and recognize their accomplishments with a digital Badge, virtual Coin, and Certificate provided by OSHA—examples of each can be found below.

  • Signature Graphix+Signs
  • Global Products Inc.
  • Federal Health
  • Tapecon Inc.
  • LEM Products
  • Image Options
  • Nameplates for Industry Co.Safe_Sound_Certificate
  • Albert Basse Associates Inc.
  • Horizons Inc.
  • Signcraft Screenprint Inc.
  • Beacon Promotions Inc.
  • American Permalight Inc.
  • Metropolitan West

Upcoming Program

The 2020 program is now closed. Please reach out to to be notified about 2021 Safe and Sound Week.