Job Descriptions

We invite you to contribute your job descriptions, particularly for job titles and positions on equipment not currently listed. Please remove any identifying references to your company or individuals. Email an MS Word, WordPerfect or ASCII file or copy and paste the job description text into the body of your email to humanresources [at]

By viewing these job descriptions, you acknowledge that Printing Industries of America assumes no liability for the accuracy of information as it was submitted by various members of the association. The following are provided for "informational purposes only" so that your company may develop its own customized job descriptions. Companies viewing the following agree that they will customize their own job descriptions to meet production demands, operational procedures, recruiting criteria, performance criteria, and any required legal compliance.



Information Systems (non-production) Director of Information Technology
Information Systems (non-production) Information Systems Manager
Information Systems (non-production) Information Technology
Information Systems (non-production) Manager Information Systems
Information Systems (non-production) Network Engineer II
Information Systems (non-production) Network Engineer III
Information Systems (non-production) System Administrator
Information Systems (non-production) Systems Administrator II
Information Systems (non-production) Systems Administrator III
Information Systems (non-production) Systems Manager
Information Systems (non-production) Technical Systems Analyst
Information Systems (non-production) Technology Support Specialist
Mailing Direct Mail Coordinator
Mailing Finishing Technical Engineer
Mailing Fulfillment Mail Clerk I
Mailing Fulfillment Mail Clerk II
Mailing Inkjet Operator
Mailing Inkjet Operator I
Mailing Inkjet Operator II
Mailing Inkjet Operator III
Mailing Inserter
Mailing Inserter Operator
Mailing Inserter Operator I
Mailing Inserter Operator II
Mailing Logistics Manager
Mailing Machine Helper
Mailing Mail List Librarian
Mailing Mail List Processor
Mailing Mail Service Coordinator
Mailing Mail Systems Coordinator
Mailing Mail Systems Manager
Mailing Mailing Clerical Specialist
Mailing Mailing Coordinator
Mailing Mailing Crew Leader
Mailing Mailing Jogger
Mailing Mailing Machine Assistant
Mailing Mailing Manager
Mailing Mailing Specialist
Mailing Supervisor of Mailing
Maintenance Engineering & Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Manufacturing Utility Person
Maintenance Mechanic-Electrician
Maintenance Plant Manager
Maintenance Press Mechanic
Prepress Color Manager/Insite Administrator
Prepress Digital Prepress
Prepress Electronic Pre-Press Coordinator
Prepress Electronic Prepress Technical Specialist
Prepress Electronic Technician