Diecutter Operators are responsible for the set-up, operation and will perform other duties as assigned on all complex die cutting machines in the Bindery Department; maintain all diecutting equipment (with assistance when required), and perform other duties as directed by the Bindery Manager.


1) Reports to Bindery Manager any concerns to ensure that workflow issues are addressed and optimized.

2) Communicates to Bindery Manager when information received is not complete, or could be more clearly communicated.

3) Alerts management when materials are not available or do not meet requirements.

4) Is able to read and interpret information from the job ticket.

5) Processes and produces daily paperwork.

6) Compares product to purchase order for quantity and accuracy. Reports discrepancies to the Bindery Manager.

7) Performs the physical tasks for the department including, but not limited to: handling materials to/from the production, maintaining inventory items, and communicating needs and schedules with production employees.

8) Verifies loads for all products going to and from machinery and ensures that they are filled out completely and accurately based on the ticket information.

9) Achieves competency and meets standards in regards to processing time as established by the company.

10) Aids in the development and use of Quality Controls and Process Controls as required by the Bindery Manager.

11) Recommends equipment repairs, parts and supplies as needed.

12) Helps with the pass-off of information between adjacent shifts, with the goal of minimizing reducing errors & increasing productivity through information sharing.

13) Informs Supervisors of any immediate concerns related to the successful operation of the department including non-conformance or any impediments faced in accomplishing tasks.

14) Adheres to company policies and procedures, and abides by safety regulations.

15) Participates in specific continuous improvement initiatives.

16) Ensures that their work area remain clean and tidy.


* Frequent reaching, bending and stooping.

* Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.

* Frequent standing and walking.

* Ability to operate a forklift, and motorized & non-motorized pallet jacks.


* Technical and interpersonal skills.

* Knowledge of applicable diecutting procedures.

* Knowledge of general maintenance procedures.

* Ability to develop new techniques for handling work.

* Ability to anticipate problems and head them off.

* Ability to communicate/understand written as well as oral instructions

* Basic math including fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

* Knowledge of company policies and procedures.

* Demonstrate positive safety attitude.

* Knowledge of quality methods and techniques.

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