System Administration Manager

Job Title: System Administration Manager
Basic Functions:

To design, maintain and improve efficiency in computer systems, and printing data management system. Support to the Electronic Pre-Press department by providing technical expertise in resolving customer file problems, establishing standard operation procedures, and communicating with customers.

Reporting: The Systems Administration Manager reports directly to the President.

Authorities: The following are granted to the Systems Administration Manager:
To exercise the responsibilities and perform the duties of this position, within the guidelines provided by the company's Employee Manual and Operations Manual.

PRINCIPLE DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: The following are upheld by the Systems Administration Manager:

  1. Design and improve efficiencies in the computer systems company wide. These responsibilities would include but are not limited to: building and maintaining network, TI (internet) connection, File Transfer Protocol, e-mail and internet access for computers.
  2. Define and implement ABC Graphics, Inc. computer system usage and policies.
  3. Assist in the development and improve efficiencies in the Programmed Solutions, Inc. (PSI printing management system) company wide.
  4. Interface with outside resources (Creo, Alinco Computer, Qwest or other technical support firms) to maintain and develop our computer systems, company wide.
  5. Build and maintain company web site.
  6. Architect, plan, order, install, upgrade maintain pre-press, front office Mac and PC computer system and software as ABC Graphics, Inc. grows.
  7. Attend any systems training required. Train all departmental personnel when needed. This includes learning product knowledge and procedural proficiencies.
  8. Perform pre-flight on new jobs. Pre-flight facilitates the customer's job being completed in a timely manner by ensuring the customer has supplied all correct data (including copy size, fronts, pictures, etc.) and design challenges are encountered and addressed with the customer upfront.
  9. Support the Electronic Pre-Press Department Personnel. Troubleshoot difficult jobs, assist in brainstorming and developing standard operating procedures whenever appropriate, and assist with prepress jobs in time of need.
  10. Interface with customers to communicate technical disc/data challenges and gain solutions on difficult jobs. Take every opportunity to add value to our customers. Return all customer telephone calls within 90 minutes of receiving telephone message.
  11. Assist Pre-Press Operators to help facilitate accurate color calibration of Epson proofing equipment.
  12. Assist in performing the final proof on jobs when requested.
  13. Maintain computer backups and job archiving.


  1. Help fellow co-workers when there is a need. Perform other job duties as requested.
  2. Maintain enthusiastic teamwork attitude. Provide insightful and enthusiastic teamwork that generally creates positive attitudes and builds supportive morale. Treat your fellow co-workers with mutual respect.
  3. Promote open communications and cooperation with all employees. Maintain open communications and harmonious working relationship with all personnel.
  4. Maintain a good work environment with adequate safeguards for health and safety. Maintaining a good work environment and providing adequate safeguards for your work-related health and safety.
  5. Maintain confidentiality on all company subjects so classified.
  6. Ensuring your work areas are clean and presentable to customers and other visitors.

Performance Requirements: The following are required of the Systems Administration Manager:
****Note: Performance Requirements to be established after job description is finalized.****

To meet or beat all budgets, time schedules, and performance evaluation goals at least 95% of the time, without sacrificing quality or safety.

  1. Key role of support, training and trouble shooting of Pre-Press Department and new Pre-Press Manager being successful.
  2. Secure technical knowledge, implement, reformat (where needed) of the PSI print management system to efficiently meet the business needs of ABC Graphics, Inc.
  3. Efficient transition of all computer systems to new location, when appropriate.
  4. Recommendation of computer equipment and software redesign when appropriate, always presenting recommendations with the appropriate business needs stated, and cost justifications to be evaluated by management.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The following are expected of the Systems Administration Manager:

EXPERIENCE: Minimum 6 years hands-on experience in these or related functions. Experience on SQL Server 2000 and Programmed Solutions, Inc. print management software is required. Excellent people skills. Highly organized. Excellent customer service and oral communication skills. Team player is must.
EDUCATION: Minimum four years vocational training in this field, or direct experience.
EEO/OSHA/ADA: Able to manipulate and use CRT/screens, keyboards, mouse/pointing devices, etc., associated with contemporary computers. Able to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Able to navigate two steps of stairs without harm.

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