Safety Director

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Safety Director

  1. Job Summary: Responsible for coordinating safety and wellness efforts of all departments. Develop and update as necessary associated materials. Monitor and document ongoing safety program, implementing necessary changes to meet federal and state safety standards. Maintain all records, files, logs and manuals associated with safety. Must focus on the prevention of problems rather than detection and strive for continuous quality improvement. Coordinates all reward/recognition events. Coordinator of internal wellness program promoting healthy lifestyles. Manage all Workers Comp claims.
  2. Reports to: Human Resources Manager
  3. Production Responsibilities:
    1. Follows all required safety procedures such as: PPE's, Ergonomics, Chemical Hazards, etc. Performs job in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees.
  4. Administrative Responsibilities:
      1. Maintain a current knowledge of safety laws affecting company property and personnel; disseminate pertinent material to supervisors and post required information to the workforce. Conduct research as appropriate, attend related seminars, communicate with safety related agencies, vendors and representatives. Ensure company/management is briefed and updated on laws/changes promulgated by Federal and State government agencies. Update THE COMPANY'S Safety Manual as needed.
      2. Maintain all mandated OSHA programs (Hazard Communication, Emergency Planning, etc.)
      3. Continue development, implementation, and maintenance, upon management approval, the COMPANY'S safety program. Provide assistance to supervisors, analyze work areas, and provide recommendations for improvement.
      4. Serve as the client of the COMPANY'S safety and wellness (Fit to Print) committees. Discuss and analyze concerns brought forward by department representatives. Provide follow up and feedback when necessary, submit recommendations to management for consideration and approval when appropriate. Coordinate and manage FTP events.
      5. Conduct periodic safety inspections of plant, material and procedures. Provide documentation of discrepancies noting dates and action taken. Identify responsible parties and work with them to correct. Insure safety procedures are being followed, reporting occurrences to appropriate supervisor. Conduct training as necessary.
      6. Schedule training sessions for all department meetings.
      7. Present safety and wellness training at company employee orientations.
      8. Conduct investigations involving employee injuries or property damage, providing recommendations to prevent reoccurrence, and assist supervisors in the resolution of work related injuries.
      9. Maintain records, files, logs and documents as necessary. Submit reports to State and Federal agencies upon management approval. Monitor injury logs, maintain files of insurance claims, provide liaison with care and insurance providers. Direct the Alternative Duty program.
      10. Document, record and investigate (through supervisors) worker's compensation claims.
      11. Analyze problems and provide recommended solutions to management.

    Review and analyze company accident reports. Recommend loss control measures designed to compliment the safety program.

  5. Serve as resource and back up to the Project Engineer on environmental compliance issues.
  6. Conduct Job Safety Analyses as needed. Consult with insurance company and health professionals. Choose and purchase ergonomic equipment.
  7. Work with Project Engineer and Maintenance Supervisor to inspect, maintain, and improve all emergency alarm systems. Conduct monthly systems tests.
  8. Management of Personnel Responsibilities: Not applicable
  9. Other Responsibilities: As Directed
  10. Job Qualifications:
    1. Strong ability to communicate both in writing and verbally.
    2. Possess good organizational and record keeping skills.
    3. Ability to use word-processing, spreadsheet, and HRIS systems.
    4. Minimum of an appropriate two year associate degree or 2-3 years of directly related experience.
    5. Able to work independently and with others.
    6. Problem solving ability.
    7. Proven ability to maintain confidentiality related to sensitive issues.
    8. Production/safety background is preferred.

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