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Job Title: Receptionist
Department: Office
Supervisor Title: Office Manager

Job Summary: Greets visitors to the plant, answers telephone and performs miscellaneous office duties.

Principal Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Answers phones for company and directs calls to proper departments and/or persons (incoming and internal calls).
  • Backs up other office workers and responds to incidental needs of co-workers including, but not limited to, faxing and looking up things.
  • Receives visitors to the plant, and assists them in making proper contacts.
  • Maintains office files and job ticket files.
  • Does miscellaneous typing for the office.
  • Inputs daily time sheets from production employees into computer.
  • Takes responsibility for closing down the front office at the end of the day.

Related Duties:

  • Performs other incidental duties as assigned.
  • Implements and monitors safety devices & procedures.

Skills and Abilities Required:
Pleasant first impression important for greeting visitors; must have clear speech and strong English language skills to deal with visitors and co-workers. Attention to detail, ability to follow instructions and good problem solving skills. Good reading and writing skills.

Minimum Qualifications:
High school diploma or equivalent (except where arrangements are made with a formal work/study program). Know phone courtesy and how to greet customers. Basic typing skills (accuracy crucial) and ability to learn to become proficient with computerized workstation.

Work environment:
Normal office environment includes frequent sifting and frequent movement about the office and plant. Timesheet input requires repetitive hand/wrist movement and VDT use.

Equipment used:
Electronic typewriter, computer workstation, adding machine, fax machine, and telephone switchboard.

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